Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just News

Well, I have been very busy at school for a while now and I don't have any new pretties to post. But, I do have news--there is a movie being filmed in Plattsmouth and Omaha. Well, I emailed them to see if they would like to use some of my jewelry in the movie. Last Friday after school I went to the film site of the day and met with the wardrobe supervisor and let him pick out some pieces to use in the movie. So, I am actually going to have my jewelry on the big screen. Feel free to check out the movie website. I have a link under my friends & more link. April Showers is the name of the movie and I am also going to be an extra in the movie.


Jeanne Craine said...

VERY cool, Mary!!! Congratulations!

Mary said...

Thanks. Today I get to be an extra in a banquet scene.

sweetkelli said...

That is awesome Mary! Can't wait to hear more about it. Enjoy!