Friday, December 14, 2007

My Snow Day project

Tuesday I had a snow day instead of school. (It was very icy here.) I had a few little projects that I put together, but then I decided to make some sparkly wheels (Nikia Angel's design) and I had enough 4 mm rounds to make five wheels. After I finished three of them I counted the 4 mm beads that I had left and decided to make one over-sized wheel with the extra five beads. I ended up with 4 normal size wheels and one over-sized wheel. The large wheel didn't lay flat but I kept playing with it. After I got it flatter I decided to see if any of my Rivoli Swarovski's would fit inside the wheel. I had a beautiful volcano one that was perfect for the necklace. I made a peyote/netted holder for the rivoli. Popped the rivoli in the center and stitched it in on the back of the sparkly wheel. Then I created one of my "braided" necklaces and attached it the y-shape sparkly wheel creation. Let me tell you--it is eye-popping beautiful. Enjoy.

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