Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, after my crazy summer I am off to a crazy fall. I haven't been online much. No new pictures to post. I have things to scan, but I have my computer in the living room and not connected to the scanner. I have a new geometric shape--pyramid. It was another happy accident. I had a friend share some ideas tonight and now I have a lot of new things I want to try (thanks, Donna). Since school started I have been busy with tests and I haven't had much internet access at home. So I decided I would just let people know what is happening. Recently I was in Ames--my mother has been in the Intensive Care Unit (she still is). Hope all of you are well, bye for now!

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Jeanne Craine said...

Glad your back! I've been wondering where you have been. Missed seeing your posts... I sure hope your mom is doing okay!