Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beaded Cabochon

This was given to me by a glass blower friend. Sometimes the blown pieces don't make it to the kiln without breaking. He takes the pieces and flattens them so they can be used as cabochons or drilled for jewelry. Well, this pretty purple piece was sprayed with titanium before it broke. Because it is translucent I didn't want to glue it to anything. So I made a beaded edge that grabs the cabochon but it can still be viewed with light shining through it.

This piece came to be after working on the "Scream" with delicas. I was making great progress on the "Scream" and had to change threads. Well, I broke some beads in the middle of the piece and decided to work on something different. I am going to look for a thinner thread to use when making delicate pieces.

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TanyaMcGuire said...

Mary I love the rich color of this piece.